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In order to accommodate the policy of the government to enhance the infrastructure of manufacturing industries and to promote the qualification of on-the-job professionals, further to offer more educational resources for these professionals and to comply with the regulations of skill testing and certificate issuing, we applied for the permission to set up evening school for two-year program, and were permitted to do so in August, 1982. In 1999, the efforts we made to improve vocational education were highly appreciated by the Ministry and, on August 1, this institute was promoted to the status of Institute of Technology , and accordingly, the evening school was renamed as “Division of Continuing Education”. For almost twenty years, the Division of Continuing Education has been dedicated to assisting the industries by enhancing the qualification of on-the-job professionals, so as to function as the third “educational highway”, as the Ministry of Education has suggested. The ultimate purpose is to fulfill the educational notion of life-long learning and extensive education. In addition to comply with the regulations set up by the Ministry of Education, this institute sticks to the principles of “elite faculty”, “advanced equipment”, “innovative teaching”, and “learning for using”, and is continuously making improvements to achieve the utmost goals of education. Since this institute is the only institute of technology in Changhua City , which is the capital of Changhua County , it plays a significant role. The staff and faculty in this institute realize that the long-term educational goal of this institute is to take the social responsibility, speed up local development, and foster the establishment of community universities. We therefore recognize our role as to provide more educational resources, such as outstanding faculty, equipment and environment, and for these purposes, the Division of Continuing Education takes up the responsibility to improve the continuing education for on-the-job training in the area of Changhua City , and further, in central Taiwan .