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Characteristics of the Division of Continuing Education

  1. to provide the opportunity for adults to make use of night time for life-long learning in order to acquire professional knowledge and degree.
  2. to satisfy the regional needs and cultivate higher-level technological and management personnel.
  3. to emphasize both theory and practice, and provide more practical and interdisciplinary courses.
  4. to encourage cooperative projects with the enterprises
  5. to correspond to national economic trend and technological development, and to advocate distance learning for the purpose of elevating teaching efficiency and quality
  6. to hold the seminars of general knowledge in order to meet the students' needs and to realize the belief of “whole person”
  7. to hold counseling meeting for the purposes of understanding the needs of students and improving learning atmosphere and facilities.
  8. to provide internet service regarding academic and student affairs for easy access.
  9. to provide transportation vehicles and set up “school bus” connecting various cities and counties in central Taiwan .